Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kevin thinks I should cut out the middle man, and just call this "Fat Baby".

But God forgive us, we can't stop laughing at this picture. He really wants to smile, but the weight of those cheeks just hold the corners of his mouth down. But there is joy in his eyes. I see it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No mirror needed.

Van [He's the one with the car on his shirt. I know. I get confused sometimes too.] went for his 2 month well baby appointment. He's on target to outgrow his sister sometime next Tuesday. Probably around lunchtime.

White rice and cupcakes are not food groups.

Edemame. Fresh cherries. Milk. A sourdough roll.

I would be so proud of this if she'd eaten anything besides the roll. Some days I think it's a miracle she poops at all.

Van's youtube debut.

I was feeling all guilty about how Scarlett was the most photographed baby in the history of all babies, and how Van barely gets snapped [although in my defense, as the primary family photographer I've had to explain on numerous occasions that you will not have your picture taken much when you refuse to be put down] but I did finally get a little video of my son.

Out of curiousity, I went and looked to see when Scarlett made her youtube debut, and as it turns out, Van beat her by a cool 3 months.

So suck it, birth order. I rule.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Then the circus came to town.

This is a good lookin' couple.
This couple, also good lookin', compared notes on wardrobe.

My dad's baby sister, and her great-nephew, that looks NOTHING like anyone in our family.

Left to right: Jake, Zoe [holding Van], Scarlett, and Charles Rex.

Amy's clan came to town at the end of June when school got out. They were very pleased to be here because the east coast has been hit with another ice age this summer, and the third week of June was upon us and there wasn't a single person in Connecticut who had donned a bathing suit. So they came to the Midwest where we start sweating around Memorial Day, and don't stop until Halloween. When it snows.

Scarlett is officially enchanted with her older cousins, and Jake declared Van to be the baby to beat all babies. Although ever the diplomat, he couched it slightly by saying things like "well, he's the best under 2 month old baby" and that Scarlett was the best two year old in the girl category, because he has the feelings of other cousins to consider.

Van tried to prove me wrong by being a very good and quiet baby around his aunt and uncle, which lasted until everyone got back on the plane, at which time he opened his mouth and let me have it.

Woefully behind.

This is just one of those pictures that is fun to share. I have nothing to say about it, except perhaps, how cute is this gang?