Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I know, I know...

I had the greatest of intentions to post lots of interesting garbage about how we FINALLY got the storm damage cleared from our yard, and how our house is now naked from the removal of all the dead plant life, and the ugly plant life, and how cute my kid is, and how she now says "Ta-da!" everytime she does something new...

But then we got sick.

We've been laying on mommy watching Dora and Diego and anything on PBS kids for a few days now [and let me tell you how sick of Dora and Diego and George and Sid mommy is. Sick. Ridiculously sick. Don't care if we never see Dora again sick. Oh, and did you know that 'Backpack' is supposed to be a girl? I do.] but we have finally turned the bend and today we are fever free, and wearing clothes.

It's a vast improvement.

Sorry for the quality of the photo - the only thing within reach was my phone, and I was trying to show my sister exactly what a sad poppet looks like.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm not Irish, but my kid is.

Our two year old is turning into a person. Ask her father. He'll agree.

Please remind me in a few months when I'm sick to tears of it, but today she busted out with a "few more minute!" when it was time to leave school. It was so cute I tried to eat her.

Yesterday, she took a spill on her tricycle that resulted in a scraped chin and a few tears. We came back inside, cleaned her up, wiped her face and I asked if a Dora band aid would help. It would, so off we went to get one.

Only, when I tried to put it on, she informed me that it needed to go on the old head wound, not the fresh one on her chin. And by "inform", I mean "started screaming, while pointing at her forehead." I tried explaining that it was long healed, and therefore did not need a Dora band aid, but I was brutally rebuffed. So it went on her forehead. She looked in the mirror, ceased crying, and went back outside.
I hope she's that easy to please when she's 12.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Madness

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A few weeks ago, Scarlett wanted it to be her birthday. We told her that while her birthday wasn't for a long time, Papa's was fast approaching.

So Monday, when I told her it was Papa's special day, the first thing out of her mouth was "BIRTHDAY CAKE!"

Thanks Dad, for letting every single small person at the party blow out your candles with you. Mom, next time you are out to eat, please swipe some matches so we don't almost burn down the house again trying to light candles on the stove.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scarlett wakes up grumpy.

That's a lame title for a post, but that's the name of the video on Youtube. We'll just pretend it's something wittier.

Anyway, this is to tide you all over until I get my camera back, which is currently residing at our friends house out in the suburbs. Apparently, even my camera prefers the open spaces and good school systems.

As for this sad poppet, she proves the old adage "Let sleeping toddlers wake up on their own, or you will pay with the whining that makes you want to rip out your eardrums, or at the very least, get it on camera so you can prove to others exactly how whiny she can be, since her grandparents clearly don't believe you."

Or something catchy like that.