Thursday, October 30, 2008

And I helped...

Forgive the quality of these pictures, I was busy in the kitchen when Kevin decided it was time to indoctrinate his daughter to the ways of the jack-o-lantern. I tried to run in and snap photos, but the lighting was bad, and the participants didn't particularly want me in their faces. So this is the only documentation we have.

Scarlett is recovering from a sinus infection [poor kid may have inherited my puny sinus cavities, an affliction I would wish on no one] and I haven't had the heart to take away her "punkin!", even though after 4 days, it's starting to look a bit weary. It may have to be relegated to the front steps, although it's inevitable that the marauding local squirrels will make short work of our short pumpkin.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A real conversation.

K: I'd like to get to Costco.

L: OK. We can try to go this weekend. [pause] What do you need?

K: Clothes

L: You know, I think the ultimate goal is to get you to stop buying clothes at Costco altogether.

K: Why don't you just cut out my heart?

Sunday, October 19, 2008


OK, so in retrospect, the crown was not a great idea.

But the cake was.

Scarlett turned two yesterday, and we spent the afternoon at our friends' farm out in the country. We did not tell her that all those people weren't there specifically for her, but she didn't seem to mind much. She got to eat a cupcake, play in a sandbox, and watch her mother be inept at silk screening t-shirts. It was a pretty cool birthday. Thanks so much to Tom and Wendy for opening their home to everyone in the state. We look forward to a day when we can stay past sundown.

Today she got her very own birthday cake, but again, mistakes were made. She probably shouldn't have tagged along to the bakery, because all day we heard "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAKE!!" Couldn't really grasp why we were just letting this perfectly good cake sit on the counter. What are we, stupid? CAKE. Then the whole crown thing. Clearly, I am not so smart.

To be serious for just one moment [I know. It's uncomfortable for me too. Bear with me.] I have to reflect a little on this past year. Scarlett has never ceased to amaze me with the strength and fortitude she has shown in the face of adversity. She has been put through the ringer, and just keeps going, and growing, and learning, and making us laugh. She has to play catch up every day, and will for a while longer, but she has astounded us with the gleeful way she attacks each morning. I can only imagine what she'll surprise us with in the coming year.


She did actually get cake on her birthday. And Miss Anna did a fine job of singing "Happy Birthday To You", as well.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Something seems very familiar...

Can you guess what it is?

Same farm. Same sweater.

Maybe next year she can wear it as a shrug.

Boy, are my arms tired.

I'd love to tell you that we've spent the last week touring in Tuscany, eating our weight in pasta, and drinking enough wine to sedate an Italian pony, but alas, the week was spent looking for the charger [Found! In the fruit bowl! Why was it in the fruit bowl?] and doing very mundane chores.

But today we went to the country and took a hay ride, looked at chickens, and ate Skyline. It may not be cheese from Parma, but it does come with a free bowl of oyster crackers.

Monday, October 6, 2008


One camera battery pack charger thingy. Last seen on my kitchen table and now gone, gone, gone. My camera is dead and I have no way of resurrecting it until I find that charger. It's making me nuts. It was such a little thing, I'm terrified that it may have been accidentally tossed in the garbage during a kitchen table purge session. Ugh. Will keep you posted.


Scarlett is still working on walking. She staggers a little further every day - today I think I counted 8 steps in a row. She will be evaluated by the physical therapist tomorrow, and I hope we'll be making great strides [yes, pun intended] soon.