Thursday, January 21, 2010

And I understand the walls have ears.

Do you see it?

It doesn't really matter, because it sees you.

I don't know how to describe what it's like living with a 3 year old for the first time. I guess it's sort of like having Generalissimo Franco move into the pink bedroom upstairs, if Franco was a stoner that never paid attention to a word you said, and demanded a steady diet of Pirates Booty and Servatiis cookies. Yes. I'd say it's exactly like that.

I do, however, love the weird things I find around our house on a regular basis. One of Scarlett's duplo sets came with a sheet of eye stickers, so you could create a more 'realistic' duplo duck. Or horse. Or cow. You get the picture. But anyway, there are all these random eyes floating all over our house, and periodically I find something looking at me that wouldn't normally have that ability.


Monday, January 18, 2010

The worst [and most honest] holiday update letter ever.

What, you mean you wanted more than that? Oh, for crying out loud... the work I do for you people.

OK, so when we left off back in October, Scarlett had been sick for a month. In November, December, and then January, it was Kevin's turn, Van's turn, and then my turn. Kevin took 3 rounds of antibiotics and finally kicked his sinus infection; despite getting the H1N1 vaccine I got something that walked like a pig and oinked like a pig; and Van will be getting tubes in his ears in exactly one week. And then I've had it with being the Mt. Lookout infirmary.

In other news, Van has two teeth, and can sort of crawl, although his balance might be affected by the near constant ear infections. Scarlett rules Pre-school with an iron fist, and refuses to use the potty. Kevin got a new Blackberry, after losing the first new Blackberry. [My money is on a McDonalds someplace in Pennsylvania.] And I found a new inexpensive and tasty chardonnay I can buy in bulk.

Happy New Year's!

This is a blog. A what? A blog. A what? A blog. Oh! A blog!

Here's some stuff that happened in November.

And here's some stuff that happened in December.

Are we all caught up now? Good.