Monday, January 28, 2008

I still want a dustbuster.

The order of the universe is deeply disturbed when Alice is at camp. Those cheerios would never even hit the floor. Gravity doesn't exist during snacktime.

It's not you. It's me.

I've never been so glad to say goodbye to a month. You and me are through, January. I have had it with you. Get out. Gather your things and leave your key under the mat. We are breaking up.

I was asked to review a website on my blog, and I'm honestly trying to get to it, and eventually I will. But January has kicked my butt. Seriously, if you are curious as to why my butt is the size it is, it is because it is swollen from having been kicked.

...and while this post was neatly tucked in "edit posts", waiting for me to get back to it, I just realized that February isn't making any points either. I don't think I'll get serious with February. I think February will be my rebound month.

March. March is who I shall save myself for. See you on the 1st.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Learning to share.

I'm not sure who has more to learn about sharing.

Alice's new dog bed is infinitely more interesting than anything else in the kitchen right now.

Personally, I think it's my faux stone kitchen floor. You are all jealous that when you stand in front of the stove, or the fridge, your linoleum tiles don't come skittering out from under your feet. Uh-huh. You know it.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

What? We were at a stop light.

The pizza bagel apparently didn't fill her up. She needed a shoe chaser.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bear Adjacent.

I am sad to report that I did not take these pictures. If I did, they would most surely be published post mortem, because I think we all know that I would have died. On the flight out. Or perhaps 15 minutes after I climbed out of the truck.

Amy and Jason, along with some friends, constructed this monument to Aleutian architecture. They are planning on staying in it on Friday, and doing some back country skiing.

I asked if it was located in a good school district. Jason answered that it is experimental, and hands on. But the lot size is 1.3 million acres, which more than makes up for any shortcomings.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

XU v. Fordham

We've been complaining about the times of the games. Basically, by the time she's old enough to stay up late, she'll need her own ticket. And I think it's a little much to ask a 4 year old to get a job so she can cover her own seat license.

We took advantage of a rare noon game to introduce Scarlett to the concept of a zone defense.

She rocked that game. Even threw a few insults at the officials. Made her mom proud.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Chris, I'm dying to see what her reaction would be to you.

Waiting in line at Starbucks this morning, and a young bearded fellow walked in and stood behind us. Scarlett waved, said "Hi!" and after a brief pause added "Grover!"

She made up for it tonight. After her bath, we were sitting on her bed reading, and she patted me and said "Mama."

Friday, January 4, 2008

Who has time for post holiday let down?

OK, so we got back to town, threw a party, repacked, got in the car, and headed off for the remainder of the year. Which means that a] I'm exhausted and 2] every single suitcase we own is sitting half unpacked in the guestroom.

Oh, and the dog refuses to let me out of her sight. Apparently, she's suspicious that we'll sneak back out on her. Which makes it difficult to type.

As far as resolutions, I have one. Stop losing socks. Yesterday I wore a spare of mine and a spare of Kevin's.

Our New Years was spent in Hocking County, at a cabin in the woods. The camera wasn't kind to the old tired people with kids who wouldn't sleep, so here's some pictures of Scarlett and her fairy Godmother.

I would have loved pictures of Kevin shooting skeet, but I chose to stay in the house and listen for the shotgun. I mean, as long as we heard booms, we figured they hadn't shot each other.