Monday, November 24, 2008

I use aquaphor. And teeny tiny socks are REALLY cute.

No no. We aren't potty training yet. I am in no rush for that, thankyouverymuch. We just started walking. But we do think the potty is sort of an interesting addition to the mix, and we particularly like lifting the lid and dropping toys inside. Much like we also like putting our sippy cups in the mail drop for dad to find later.

There are things I had forgotten about being PIP [Pregnant In Public] over the last couple of years, and had to laugh as it all came rushing back recently as I foolishly stumbled into a conversation about labor. If you are like me, and a giant chicken about confrontation, here's a bit of advice you might find handy.

Don't talk about labor options, pain management, birth plans, feeding, sleep training, episiotomies, diapering, BPA free bottles, lead testing, circumcision, name choices, or water births with anyone other than the father. The only safe topic is diaper creme. And how cute teeny tiny socks are.

Well, at the very least, don't about them to me. If I have to have another conversation like that one at any time over the next 6 months, I'll crawl under the nearest table, and won't come out until the anesthesiologist has been called.

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me said...

just glad to see we both agree on aquaphor. it was one of nick's first words.

i have to send you a pic i have of the kids covered in it when they were little and i thought they were being "so good" and "quiet" playing together in the other room.
young dumb mom!