Sunday, October 11, 2009

Farm Day

Scarlett is growing up so fast that I can hardly bare to blink. The other day her teacher told me that she was "very independent", which I'm pretty sure is pre-school code for "pain in the ass", but it was something that she didn't need to tell me. We hear "I want to do it myself" all day long. Thank goodness there are still things she needs help with - like screening her own tee shirt, and hitching the occasional ride with her father.

Three is barreling down at us - I'm not going to go all melancholy on you, but I sure am glad we have the other one - the one that still wants to nap on mom. And nowhere else.

Many, many thanks to Tom and Wendy for opening their home to us and all the other vagrants that love to experience life on a farm for one beautiful fall day each year. We had a wonderful time, and we even got to stay past sundown. Cheers!

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