Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Learning Curve.

Sorry, sorry, sorry. World's worst blogger, checking in. The past two weeks have been full of craziness, with cars dying repeatedly, and the whole "Father's Day and Kevin's Birthday falling within a week of each other AGAIN" with movie dates and concerts and favorite burger joints and homemade pancakes [no man is as loved as he, for one long week in June - and might I remind you that at least I have the common decency to allow 7 weeks to pass between Mother's Day and my birthday, providing ample recovery...but that's neither here nor there.] and toddlers having their very first temper tantrum [You people have been holding out on me. Those are loud. Were you going to fill me in?] Anyway, we've been busy.

My observation of the day is thus: When it comes to Scarlett, I am always learning. And do you know what I learned today? Yogurt pretzels melt.


marilissa said...

try M&M's! they melt in your mouth, not in your hands:)

Stephanie said...

So do chocolate covered raisins. Just FYI.