Monday, June 30, 2008

Today at 4 O'clock, no one brought me a Grey Goose and Soda and frozen grapes on a stick. And I was sad.

Because you see, for 4 days, that very thing happened. It was our very own Walt Disney World. Except we called it "South Beach". And "The Awesome Delano Hotel". Particularly that last one.

Just look at this pool.

Don't my sister look relaxed? And not at all drunk.

At night the chaise lounges were pushed together to create beds. And all you needed to do to sit there was pay way too much money for a bottle of wine. We decided that our money was better spent at True Religon and Scoop NY. But it sure looked purty.

Here's me. Relaxed. Not drunk.

The rooms are all white. Which makes them beautiful, but sort of a pain to photograph. The only color in the room is a green apple that they leave you every day. And that I ate, every day.

I loved the sign over the gate. Just in case you were wondering what that big blue thing was over there, it's the sea.

And I'm pretty sure Amy was about to punch me in the nose if I said one more time "Anyone for a really big game of chess?"

As to why there are no pictures of the beach itself? Believe it or not, there was a raw sewage spill in Miami this past weekend. Yes. Raw. To be honest, Amy and I consider ourselves Pool People anyway, but if there was a chance of our heading out to the beach, that pretty much killed it.

I cannot say enough good things about this hotel. It was stunningly beautiful, the employees must have been brainwashed by Scientologists, because they were too nice to be believed, and even though it was hot, it was Florida hot. Which makes it sorta fun. Unless you believe your sister that something isn't really that far, and you find yourself drenched in sweat and unable to try anything on in Barney's Co-op, because you are too embarrassed that you might leak on something. So you stand there and pretend to look at purses until you've soaked in enough A/C to go to another store.

So now I'm home, tanned and rested. I think everyone is glad to see me, even though my extremely capable husband had everything under control. Although he could probably use a nap.

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