Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Good Morning.

Typical. Everyone wants something from mom. Be it begging for blueberries and yogurt, or sharing mom's addiction to Starbucks.

The Alice picture is pretty much my fault. Kevin will tell you that when I sneak her treats during the day, I pretty much ruin the chances that anyone else will have an enjoyable, pug free meal.

She's ready for fallout, that one.

Scarlett isn't begging yet, but she does love a good morning trip to Starbucks.

[PS. Before any mom's point this out, yes, I realize I've accidentally put her in the saucer facing the wrong way. Didn't realize it until too late. She probably had a major Diaper Wedgie.]

1 comment:

Katherine said...

Love the blog- you could be the new Rosie!
and get rid of those red eyes, I need to see Scarlett's baby blues.