Friday, January 4, 2008

Who has time for post holiday let down?

OK, so we got back to town, threw a party, repacked, got in the car, and headed off for the remainder of the year. Which means that a] I'm exhausted and 2] every single suitcase we own is sitting half unpacked in the guestroom.

Oh, and the dog refuses to let me out of her sight. Apparently, she's suspicious that we'll sneak back out on her. Which makes it difficult to type.

As far as resolutions, I have one. Stop losing socks. Yesterday I wore a spare of mine and a spare of Kevin's.

Our New Years was spent in Hocking County, at a cabin in the woods. The camera wasn't kind to the old tired people with kids who wouldn't sleep, so here's some pictures of Scarlett and her fairy Godmother.

I would have loved pictures of Kevin shooting skeet, but I chose to stay in the house and listen for the shotgun. I mean, as long as we heard booms, we figured they hadn't shot each other.

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