Friday, August 1, 2008

Because it's summer, and there's nothing on TV.

See this playroom?

This playroom right here?

Last night at 9pm it was spotless. Puzzle pieces in place. Trains with train stuff, farm animals in the barn, soft toys and miscellaneous tucked into the toy basket. It was peaceful and organized. A joy to behold.

I took the first picture roughly 11 hours later. The second, I have zoomed in and located who I believe to be the perp. I'm actually convinced there may have been an accomplice, because 1 toddler + 30 minutes cannot possibly = giant tornado having torn through my former dining room.

There's all sorts of offenders around here. Someone accidentally spilled some coffee on the sofa this morning, and in an effort to not be apprehended, I - I mean they - took the slip cover off the couch cushion and cleaned it. Only when I - again, they - flipped the cushion over, they were dismayed to find that somehow a little dog with blond hair had managed to shed on the underside. I do not understand how that works, but I do understand that my crime is probably one of neglect. In that I have neglected to rotate the cushions. [It is a high compliment to the manufacturer of our couch that no true ass-wells have formed.] I will remedy this situation, as soon as the spot treated cushion has dried.

None of you will ever willingly sit on my sofa again, will you?

Seriously. I'm taking care of it. It will be properly vacuumed and rotated by the time you come over. But I can't promise a small dog won't curl up in your lap and lick your wrist anyway. So if you don't like fur, you should probably tell me that you are washing your hair.

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