Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wait till she figures out she can put Alice in there.

Through Scarlett's whole ordeal this year, one thing has never wavered. Her love of the train table at the local children's bookstore. When she was in the cast, I was able to prop her on my knee and she could play, more or less on the same level as the other kids.

In the brace, she was able to pull herself to standing, and gained a bit more independence. Now that the brace is gone, she's working on getting stronger and learning how to balance. In the long run, it was going to be cheaper to get our own so I didn't feel obliged to pay rent on the one in the store. It's also got these big deep drawers that hold all of her toys, and make mommy very happy.

Sunday night I spent much time with a little wrench named Allen, but the end result was worth it. Even after I realized that I'd put the drawer bottoms on wrong. Twice.

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