Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I've been hiding. From bugs.

Kevin ‘accidentally’ discovered a nest of Yellow Jackets this past weekend, and we’ve spent the time since parking in the front of the house, sneaking past them and employing such timeless gags as “Hey! Yellow Jackets! Look over THERE!” and praying that they won’t attack.

My husband dedicated himself to the humane removal of the nest, by first attempting to drown them, and later, to suffocate them. He’s very kind. And cheap. But mostly kind.

After the 2ND failed attempt at humanely dispatching the bastards, I mean God’s creatures, we called in backup.

He arrived in his shiny, and one can only assume, bug free van, and promptly had a stroke brought on by laughter at what passes for extermination around here. We also apparently closed off one of the holes with our flooding, so he had to sort of blindly stab at the ground with the chemical grenade to kill them. Along with our creeping whatchacalit that the nest was under.

So that was the beginning of our week. Trapped like rats. By bugs. It's like a vermin festival.

There's been other fun goings on, so stay tuned.

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