Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blog? What blog?


Anyone still listening?

Well, yes, we've been sort of missing lately, and for the 2 or 3 of you that aren't local, allow me to explain. This past Sunday, we got hit by a hurricane. And when I think about it, the signs aren't good, because this year we've already had an earthquake and locusts. I dearly hope someones not trying to tell us something. Because I've got the feeling that this city is not listening.

Anyway, most of the city [and by most, I mean 90%] was without power. There are still traffic lights that are out, and some people seem to forget that you should still, I don't know, STOP [I'm not talking to anyone in particular, Mr. Yellow Convertible Mustang] at them.

We were lucky. We lost our big front tree, and a large branch in the back, but nothing fell on the house and our roof is intact. My parents still don't have power, and it's starting to make my mom a little crazy. She wandered into my house the other day muttering about Oprah, Wheel of Fortune and curling irons. It's all very sad.

I have pictures of our sad tree and yard that I'll post soon, but frankly, even with power, things are busy here. This afternoon Scarlett has another x-ray and hip check, the first one out of the brace. Then there are meetings and work and buying a generator so my mom can do her hair. Because that is way more important than the steaks and salmon in the freezer.

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me said...

i cant believe it! amy never said anything. was wondering why the pink dogwood was split in half. thought scarlett pulled a bam bam.
would love to help but i dont have any generator contacts. i do have lots of room tho, if all you guys want to pack up and come to CT!