Monday, September 1, 2008

She might as well be in a playgroup with Typhoid Mary, the Legionnaires, and a handful of Lepers.

But honestly, I welcome average, run of the mill childhood illnesses. because every other time we go to the doctor, we end up meeting with specialists, who are lovely people, but whose children will definitely be able to afford a private education.

This time a simple runny nose went south, and while my sad poppet suffers from a sore throat that makes her so whiny that mommy would like to retire to the corner with earplugs and a bottle of Jack Daniels, she also goes about proving that as a toddler, she's just so normal. Take THAT, hip dysplasia.

This past holiday weekend, prior to the consumption, we pulled out the target baby pool, slapped a swim diaper on, and tossed her in. I should have been doing this all summer.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I had to look three times to figure out if that was Ketch in the last picture!

I support your desire to drink JD.


me said...

feel better sweet scarlett but what happened to the pics of the fab 40 party? i was hoping to make the blog :)

wendy said...

Have you not heeded my multiple posts about blow-up pools being the best bang for your parenting buck you will ever get?

You have next summer to redeem yourself.