Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First I sighed. Then I sighed some more.

Out of 4,000 pictures I snapped this weekend, none turned out particularly well. I'm just posting these so you can see that indeed, we did travel to Las Vegas, and we did get to see Cousin Maya, and that both Cousin Maya and Cousin Scarlett tried to make a break for the casino floor, and were then punished by being forced to ride a scary, scary bus that was driven by half a clown.

Oh, and it was just like being in Venice. Except for the Beefeater standing guard outside of a jewelry store. I'm not sure of the historical accuracy of that, but I'm going to let it go. Call it willing suspension of disbelief in Vegas. I think that more or less comes with the territory.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip to see us - it made for a glittery spectacle of a start to the holiday season. Nothing says "Thanksgiving" quite like slot machines and hookers. And all you can eat breakfast buffets. Not that I miss that feeling that only consuming an entire days worth of calories in one meal can give you. Mmmm, pastry course.

Anyone up for some Gelato?


Anonymous said...

Love the "grocery store afficianado" comment. So funny!

Jessica said...

I'm up for Gelato! The girls were so cute. We miss Scarlett (and you guys too). Maya LOVES to walk around with (and chew on) christmas card.