Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First day of "School".

I can't even really say that with a straight face, considering she's two. But regardless, it's more or less true. She started a toddler program this week, and my God, why didn't we start this earlier?

She loves school, and there's a few things I'm pretty pleased with myself. One, they do lots of messy art projects there, which saves me the agony of pretending to be crafty. Another one is that someone else has to try to get her to wear a hat when she goes outside. Because that is like trying to put a pig costume on a dog. Which is really hard, and I don't recommend.

She wore that particular ensemble on her first day because not only do I love the symbolic nature of the apple for the teacher, but also because it belonged to her cousin, and I can readily picture a tiny Zoe running off to her own preschool wearing the same thing.

If there was any way to butch it up, I might try putting it on our son on his first day. Maybe if I pair it with jeans and Timberlands?


me said...

she looks so proud!

Stephanie said...

The cuteness is killing me!! What a perfect outfit! I'm thinking about a toddler program for Stella in the fall.