Thursday, January 29, 2009

The part of the week where I wasn't tearing out my hair.

I'm pretty sure that every single blog coming out of our city this week has something to do with snow. And being snowed in. With kids. And wanting to spend 2 hours digging out the cars, because it means being outside the house. Not with the kids.

And yes. We had our share of that. We may even have had a tiny bit more whining about watching Dora and putting pajamas on the dog, and finding toys in our dreadfully outdated mail drop, and hoping against hope that the lump you've just found in the bottom of your shoe is just a goldfish cracker and nothing more insidious, but we also had something else.

This was the first time, the first honest to goodness time that Scarlett was able to go outside and play in the snow. Last year, the first real deep snow we got was the very day she was discharged from the hospital wearing all that fiberglass.

This was so much better than that.

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