Saturday, February 21, 2009

I don't even dislike it, I now RESENT it.

Winter. I'm not kidding, can you please cut us a break? Anne thinks people are sending death threats to Punxatawny Phil, and I'm apt to agree. Little bastard has a warm hole to sleep in until March, the rest of us are out here freezing our patooties off.

We are supposed to be getting more nasty weather tonight, so while it was still sort of not freezing, we got out for a walk. I would have posted more pictures of this, except that they are all of the back of her head as she looked at the sidewalk, the rocks, and the dirt. I would say "Scarlett, look at Mommy!" and she would reply, without lifting her head an inch "Cheeeeeeeeeese". Uh, almost.

One other trick we have picked up, which I'm finding pretty cute right now, but will probably make me insane in another month, is the new found ability to stall. I mean, really stall. The whole drink of water, one more book, walk as slowly as humanly possible, stall. Her original toddler enthusiasm for everything is starting to wane, and only becomes evident when it's truly deserving. Which apparently does not include nap time, bedtime, or getting our coats on.

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Sandy Toes said...

I am so ready for the Spring..warm sun and green grass!
sandy toe