Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scarlett wakes up grumpy.

That's a lame title for a post, but that's the name of the video on Youtube. We'll just pretend it's something wittier.

Anyway, this is to tide you all over until I get my camera back, which is currently residing at our friends house out in the suburbs. Apparently, even my camera prefers the open spaces and good school systems.

As for this sad poppet, she proves the old adage "Let sleeping toddlers wake up on their own, or you will pay with the whining that makes you want to rip out your eardrums, or at the very least, get it on camera so you can prove to others exactly how whiny she can be, since her grandparents clearly don't believe you."

Or something catchy like that.


campbell said...


me said...

oh my god. that is so cute. i cant take it! if thats as bad as it gets- you are a lucky woman!! she is so sweet saying "cheese" even when she is so tired. you have her trained well!

Gail said...

Do you want to stand there and have a grumpy fit?