Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm not Irish, but my kid is.

Our two year old is turning into a person. Ask her father. He'll agree.

Please remind me in a few months when I'm sick to tears of it, but today she busted out with a "few more minute!" when it was time to leave school. It was so cute I tried to eat her.

Yesterday, she took a spill on her tricycle that resulted in a scraped chin and a few tears. We came back inside, cleaned her up, wiped her face and I asked if a Dora band aid would help. It would, so off we went to get one.

Only, when I tried to put it on, she informed me that it needed to go on the old head wound, not the fresh one on her chin. And by "inform", I mean "started screaming, while pointing at her forehead." I tried explaining that it was long healed, and therefore did not need a Dora band aid, but I was brutally rebuffed. So it went on her forehead. She looked in the mirror, ceased crying, and went back outside.
I hope she's that easy to please when she's 12.


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Oh and she is sooo cute!