Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I know, I know...

I had the greatest of intentions to post lots of interesting garbage about how we FINALLY got the storm damage cleared from our yard, and how our house is now naked from the removal of all the dead plant life, and the ugly plant life, and how cute my kid is, and how she now says "Ta-da!" everytime she does something new...

But then we got sick.

We've been laying on mommy watching Dora and Diego and anything on PBS kids for a few days now [and let me tell you how sick of Dora and Diego and George and Sid mommy is. Sick. Ridiculously sick. Don't care if we never see Dora again sick. Oh, and did you know that 'Backpack' is supposed to be a girl? I do.] but we have finally turned the bend and today we are fever free, and wearing clothes.

It's a vast improvement.

Sorry for the quality of the photo - the only thing within reach was my phone, and I was trying to show my sister exactly what a sad poppet looks like.

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