Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Turn ons: Eating. Sleeping. Being held and jiggled slightly.

Turn offs: Being naked and then made clean. Not pooping. Prop 8.

Tomorrow we go for an ultrasound of Van's hips, then we'll meet with Dr. Mehlman and his crew next week to go over the results. Hopefully my uterus was a more hospitable place to be this time around, but we are open to the fact that he might follow in his sister's footsteps - if only to save ourselves the blindsiding of last time.

I've gotten to be proficient at hip x-rays, so we'll see how I do trying to read the ultrasound screen over the shoulder of the radiology tech. Because I'm sure they love that.


me said...


wendy said...

Love the photos! Scrumptious.

Amy said...

Looks like he has quite the grip!

Mary said...

I'm totally with you on not pooping, AND prop 8 Van.

Will be praying for perfect x-rays there momma.