Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update. Because I'm not really interested in watching "Password".

As I mentioned, Van had an ultrasound on his hips to check for signs of Hip Dysplasia. We were going to go over the results with our orthopod this past Friday. However, a couple of days after the appointment, our pediatrician called us to let us know that radiology had sent the results to their office, and that everything looked normal. We decided to go ahead with the ortho appointment anyway, because we thought it would ease the last of our worries.

Alas, Scarlett thwarted that plan by waking up very sick on Friday. We had to cancel Van's appointment and schedule one for Scarlett, which revealed a very run of the mill ear infection. But let me tell you, when my kid is too sick to provide a running commentary on life, and just wants to lay on me and whimper, then she is really sick.

The upside is that I think that for the time, Van is in the clear. We'll reschedule and confirm, but I'm feeling optimistic.

I can't do anything about the fact that due to his appetite, he's rapidly developing rubber band wrists, but frankly, those are so delicious that I don't want to.

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Amy said...

He looks huge! (For 3.5 weeks).