Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yes. Alice is here too. But she's smart, and hiding.

Clearly, he's scrumptious.

But make no mistake about it, this is still her show.

Everyone is asking how she's reacting, and I'm happy to report that she's interested, but not overly so. She wants to check him out, but isn't too bothered by the whole thing. When I told her that eventually he'd be big enough to play with, she did check to see that her toys were all present and accounted for, but then decided to offer him her "ipod" as a small gesture. [I'd be happy if he accepted, then promptly lost the damn thing, but that's a whole different post.]

My favorite moment was this morning when she watched me change a diaper.

"Hey! What 'DAT???" And so, we learned a new word.

Oh, and when you bring home your 2nd, please don't make the same mistake we did, and overcompensate with sugary treats, because I'm listening to the results of that play out upstairs right now, and I'm very glad that I chose to care for the one that poops every 15 minutes.


Mary said...

Absolutely beautiful Libby. So glad to hear how Scarlett has reacted! :)

Amy said...

He has soooo much hair and looks very relaxed! Glad to hear my little God Daughter is being kind and angelic:)