Friday, October 19, 2007

We plan, and God laughs.

The best laid plans, eh? Kevin came home a few minutes early last night so we could give Scarlett a birthday cupcake and get some funny pictures of her covered in icing.

Unfortunately, minutes before this picture was taken, she attempted a fancy gymnastic move, and landed flat on her face.

Many tears ensued. And when I finally got Kevin to stop crying, I had to deal with the baby.

So we were in no mood for cake, a funny bib, and mommy's singing voice.

This morning we are fine, save a Rudolph nose and perhaps a wee bruised baby ego.

And we have another chance at the cake pictures tomorrow at her party.

Gotta love a do-over.


campbell said...

I don't see a red nose, I just see the BLUEST EYES EVER.

I want to eat her. Does Amy's Organic make a Scarlett ...? Off to check.

wendy said...

Neko had a run-in with the coffee table the morning of her first Xmas. So she had a black eye, plus her diaper leaked all over the insanely cute red onesie she was supposed to be wearing during all the present opening pictures.

This will not be the last time she ruins your plans.

Happy birthday, Scarlett!