Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Much like Dr. Evil, he has a mini-me.

I am prompt. I think this is not particularly surprising to anyone. Generally when I say I'll be somewhere at foof o'clock, I am there at five till foof.

Having had a child has naturally adjusted this somewhat, as it should. Babies are the unknown integer and can't always be confined by societies "rules". However, I still like to be on time.

Kevin is his own man, time wise. He never fails to show, but he runs on his own clock. One of my best friends is like this as well. Years ago, just before I married Kevin, I had a conversation with her husband.

Me: How do you get them to be on time?

He: You get used to being late.

What does this have to do with anything? This morning, Scarlett was unceremoniously plopped in her crate to play while I did dishes and finished laundry. The tree went up last night, and I'd like preserve the few ornaments hanging on it.

Anyway, on one pass through the dining room, I came upon this.

Looks sort of proud of herself, doesn't she?

She might be a little late to the game, but she's playing all the innings. Who on earth could she get that from?

I predict walking at around 16 months. Just after she masters Italian.


Grandma Marcy said...

I think you have me and Grandpa Joe to thank for Kevin's and now, apparently, timeclock. I am always late. Only 5 minutes late shocks my friends and service providers to thinking I am early.

Grandpa Joe was always late. He used to set all the clocks in the house 10 minutes fast to try to compensate. But even as a young child I learned that six o'clock was when the little hand was on the six and the big hand was on the TWO.

Scarlett does look so proud of herself. --- and oh so cute as usual!

I am afraid its genetic -- but genes can be overcome --they keep telling me.

marilissa said...

awesome pic! worth the wait.