Saturday, December 29, 2007

In case you forgot what she looked like.

Here's a few dozen pictures of our trip to the west coast.

By the way, this first picture is the whole reason we sprung for the 3rd seat.

5:45 am. Dinosaur pj's are all the rage among east coasters wandering around the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel.

I really wish I'd taken more pictures of the Fairmont. It was just so civilized.
The cheeks? The nose? I think it's fairly obvious that brothers are responsible.

Kevin, Scarlett and I had a wonderful trip west for Christmas. We managed to squeeze a lot into a few days, including doing something I've always wanted to do. Coming back across the Golden Gate Bridge on Christmas morning, we gave the toll taker a 20 and told her to please use if for the next 3 cars, yelled "Merry Christmas!" and drove off. The next time you have the oppurtunity to drive on a toll road, I highly recommend this mini act of philanthropy. It was really fun.


marilissa said...

where's the beach?

marilissa said...

oh and by the way, you know the toll collector collector pocketed the twenty.