Sunday, December 16, 2007

Reasons Why Kevin Rules.

Even though he thinks it's nuts, he unplugs the christmas tree lights, because I'm afraid of fire.

He let me sleep in till 8:30.

He likes to decorate christmas cookies. And did a way better job than I did. An engineer with the soul of an artist.

Our christmas cards.


glass said...

This trumps mine.

I mean, even Alice is dressed up.

Y'all are nuts.

I love it.

I think I owe you my address. But somehow your sharing this on the Internet makes it better. (insert evil grin)

marilissa said...

i can top your nuttiness. i unplug our xmas tree for the same reason and mine is fake!
thanks for understanding kevin or at least accepting our maddness.

Stephanie823 said...

There are no words. You are one lucky lady. :) (I'm dying at Alice's pajamas.) FABULOUS!

crazedmommy said...

That picture is too funny.