Saturday, March 8, 2008


Now, I know we aren't used to a lot of snow, but I have to laugh. The local news is reporting from a bakery parking lot and plenty of people have made it out for their Saturday morning doughnut fix. I'm pretty sure people in Minnesota are laughing and pointing.

Granted, when they sent us home yesterday, I wasn't thrilled about taking Scarlett far from the hospital when they were predicting a foot of snow, but all has been well. We were all thrilled to be home in our own beds, including the patient, who slept 10 hours straight.

We are working on finding different positions, because she was casted in a much more up and down formation than we were expecting. The bar between her feet is making things tricky, to the point that Kevin considered hacking it off. If there was a way to glue it back in time for her next appointment, I might consider it. ["No, Dr. Mehlman, it always looked like that."]

So Scarlett is doing well. And you an all see the magnificent purpleness of Casty. [Yesterday, I was calling it "Barney" and Kevin asked me to please. just. stop.]

Oh, and the hospital sent her home with a new toy. It's a Care Bear. Her name is "Share Bear", which Kevin misunderstood and thought I meant "Cher Bear". So we've decided to make her a little black thong, and teach her to sing "If I could turn back tiiiiioooowwwwmmmmmeeeee".

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Gail said...

I know I shouldn't be chuckling at the Cher Bear, it!