Thursday, March 6, 2008


Scarlett is out of surgery and doing well. She is having an MRI to check hip placement and we will see her soon.

Closed reduction worked so thanks to you for all the good thoughts.

Wireless is spotty (I'm using kevs blackberry to post this) so I'm not sure when I'll check in next, but it looks good for now.

Hope to be home tomorrow.


marilissa said...

thanks for the update, have been thinking about you guys every minute. glad it went well.

Gail said...

Oh thank God! I'll keep thinking good thoughts. Let us know how the rest of the day goes.

Grandma Marcy said...

I have been on pins and needles all morning. It was great to hear that darling little Scarlett is doing OK. I was confident in my head but an emotional mess in my tummy. (the brain and the emotions don't always connect) Please have Kevin call me when he gets into cell phone territory. Let us know how the rest of the day goes. Love all of you!!!