Friday, March 7, 2008

Update #3 [aren't these titles riveting?]

The Purple People Eater slumbers on. She had a good night. Bit of a rough start with an exploded ice bag, and a re-enactment of a keystone cops episode as we tried to gather up enough people to help change the bedding [one would show, then leave, then the other would show, then leave, then the Three Stooges showed up and poked me in the eye.] but eventually, it was accomplished.

Anyway, she slept fairly well last night, all things considered, and after a brief interlude with the resident early this morning has dropped off again.

Dr. Doogie [seriously, when did they get younger than me?] checked her cast, got her to wiggle her toes, poked her derriere, and generally just pissed her off. All seems well. Swelling will hang around for a few days, then subside. She's had some pain and muscle spasms, but they've been good about control. All of this should ease considerably in the days to come.

We'll be released a little later today, and will head home to play "Entertain Barney."

[I tried. Really. But when your kid is encased in purple fiberglass, you try to avoid the comparison.]

First cast check in 3 weeks. Later, when we get home, I'll take and post some pictures.

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