Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hey! That's not a pug!

It was our first trip to the Zoo where Scarlett actually gave a damn. She was very interested in the orangutan, and the manatee. She finally seemed to understand what we were there for, other than spending two seventy five on my least favorite bottled water.

Clare was in charge of the map, and took her job very seriously. As the elder stateswoman, she took the lead and declared it simian day.

Now, I don't really have any good animal pictures, because I'm anything but a wildlife photographer. And no, I don't think Alice counts. I also felt that some pictures I could have taken would have been inappropriate for our younger viewers. Which leads me to ask: How should one react when standing amongst school age children, and two gorillas begin some rather lusty behavior?

I find it much easier when your charge is short, and in a stroller. You can just roll her behind the faux bamboo viewing wall.

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