Monday, September 3, 2007


Amy and Ed rented this inflatable slide for the party. Had it been a few degrees warmer, [or maybe if I'd had a tish more wine] I think more adults would have given this a shot.

Kevin has picked out his Halloween costume. Thomas the Tank Lawyer.

You'll note that cornhole has been introduced to Westport society. I'm not sure they get it. At one point, there was a bag stuck up in a tree branch.

Zoe action shot. That side of the slide was notorious for "air". The other side was pure speed.

Amy and Ed threw a great party. To Kevin's great joy, there were 3 different types of meat. To mine, it's a toss up between the Balducci's dessert tray, or the s'mores. But after watching the free for all around the fire pit, Kevin commented "I'm literally surprised no one lost an eye. No, seriously."

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