Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I can't even use the red eye reduction.

I am NOT the insanely talented photographer who took these pictures. That would be my friend Chris. He just gave me permission to use them. I *heart* Chris, and not just because he told me that only good picture I got that day, which happened to be of Otto the lab, "captured Otto's essence". I'm just glad he didn't post the other picure of me, which "captured Libby shoving maple scone in her craw".

Years ago, before marriages and babies, we had a fairly sucessful dinner club. Once a month we would get together to try out new restaurants, or share old favorites. We would bounce back and forth between fancy and pricey, and cheap and funky. The poor vegetarians actually had to put up with a trip to Bar-B-Que Revue, which goes so far as to have a giant fiberglass pig in their front yard. But no worries, you can make a meal out of their cornbread and mac-n-cheese, which I'm almost sure contains no meat.

We improvise now with the occasional potluck. This time it was Brunch at the Duvall family farm, which was just ideal. With a very managable adult/small person ratio, we all managed to enjoy a meal, coffee and conversation.

Tom and Wendy also recently cleaned out their ginormous basement recently for additional playspace, and it was just like being home on Kugler Mill Road. I told Wendy that the only thing missing was the masking tape 4-square court, and, of course, the obligitory older sister flipping off the lights to leave me alone in the dark, and I would feel right at home.

[And yes. Spellcheck is still broken. And no, I cannot spell "restaurant." or is it "restaraunt." I'm never sure.]


marilissa said...

awesome awesome photos. way to go chris!

Shawna said...

Great photos! What kind of camera did he use?