Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One down.

After a false start last week, Scarlett did get her PE tubes placed today. So hopefully, she'll be ear infection free for a while.

Once again, I was thrilled with the level of care we received at Children's Hospital. The staff is knowledgable, caring, and when they say they'll walk you to a destination if you are lost? Yeah, they mean it. I thought she was going to try to join me in the stall.

Anyway, we consider today our dry run for what's coming up. For now though, Scarlett is doing great. I think she's even hearing better. I can hardly sneak up on her and yell "BOO!"

Oh, and when they say your child might be queasy upon waking from the anesthisia? They should also tell you that the nurse will be right there to catch the vomit in her hands. It is a full service operation.

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