Friday, February 1, 2008

The next time I tempt fate, I invite you all to tape my mouth shut.

If you are family, and are reading this, and haven't spoken to us, we apologize profusely for not calling. But I have a note from the doctor. One that reads, "Please forgive Kevin and Libby. Shortly after meeting with the pediatric orthopod, they both had a stroke."

So, just to get you all up to date, Scarlett's pediatrician noted at her 15 month appointment that her hip felt a little loose. "Some people are loose jointed" he assured me, but then proving once again, why I *heart* him, said "I'd still like to have someone else take a look."

Scarlett was diagnosed today with DDH, or Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip. Her left hip is not in the socket. Caught relatively early, it is still going to require surgery, and then casting. The really crappy part of this treatment is the latter. She will be in a full body cast [from mid-chest to toes] for 3 months.

Surgery is scheduled for the 10th of March. This is where [and you'll have to trust me on this one] it gets funny. Remember when I said I was looking forward to March, and that I had broken up with January, and was barely tolerating February?

We'll see you in June.


wendy said...

Um, yeah, you win the award for Worst Start to 2008. I don't even want to begin to ask how you address things like diapering and bathing and clothes and spitting up. Arg. Let us know if we can help, even if it just means delivering strong drinks on a semi-regular basis.

Grandma Marcy said...

I am so sad that darling cute sweet sparkling Scarlett has to undergo hip surgery and has to have that spica cast for three months. I am sure Scarlett will adjust to the cast after a few weeks, but it is going to be a royal pain. My heart goes out to her and both of you. It is going to be a sucky spring. But June, July and August will be here soon. Scarlett will be back to doing all the things she does now and much more. Love all of you so much. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. Grandma Marcy