Saturday, May 3, 2008

Don't even get me started on Birds.

This morning, Elmo's thinking about Bugs. For those of you not mainlining Sesame Street, every day on "Elmo's World", Elmo thinks about a different thing. Then we spend 15-17 minutes exploring all the facets of said thing; kids ruminating, checking the Internet, and watching TV. Also, Elmo asks the opinion of a Baby, whose job it is to sit there and drool, while offering no opinions whatsoever. Kids like babies. Whatever.

But anyway, bugs. I'm trying so hard not to hide behind the monitor during the live action shots of actual insects, but I'm failing. It's not fair to impart my own fears and phobias on my kid, who is just a purple coated sponge - but when they show a really icky bug walking on the arm of a girl, who professes to love insects...well, that just give me the heeby jeebies, and makes me hope to God that not only does Scarlett hate bugs like me, but that she also hates soccer, so I don't have to spend every Saturday morning until I die on some Godforsaken field nowhere near a Starbucks, but that's a whole different post.


marilissa said...

I saw that episode!
lalalala lalalala

Paul said...

OMG Libby, Amy and I have that conversation all the time about soccer. I hope Anna has no interest in soccer. :(