Monday, May 26, 2008

Like what, 80 some odd hours?

Honestly, this has been a lovely holiday weekend. But completely overshadowed by the fact that this Friday, life is changing again.

I put Scarlett to bed tonight and thought, "only three more nights of all this extra crap."

The cast removal will be an interesting obstacle, and it worries us a little. We talk about things that are loud, and I think she understands, because tonight when her friend Forrest was protesting his entrapment, I commented on his volume and she agreed, nodding and confirming "loud". The devil you know is less intimidating than the devil you don't, and I'm a little scared of the days to come. Will she be sore? Scared to move her legs?

But I know all of this will disappear the minute her skinny pins emerge from all that fiberglass, and soon we'll be chasing them around, wishing that for 5 minutes she would Just. Sit. Still.

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