Monday, May 26, 2008

Nothing says "Remember our Troops" like inexpensive Swedish furniture.

Some fun things we've done this weekend, that do not include obsessing about Scarlett's cast removal.

Gone to the Children's Museum and played on the "buck".

Eaten everything in sight at the local street festival where they specifically want you to eat everything in sight. And tell you how cheap it is, except that you realize that you actually spent quite a bit of money.

Tortured the dogs feet.

Discovered a love of ketchup, without any pesky food to get in the way. Fingers work just fine.

And maybe, just maybe, bought a really big TV, and then bought and assembled furniture with the aid of one tiny Allen wrench.

[Which of these things do you think Kevin ranks highest? Give ya 3 guesses, and as the kids say, the first 2 don't count.]

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