Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Even Alice doesn't move that fast.

I apologize that I'm posting pictures from 5 days ago.

You'd think that by now we would be so used to Casty that life would be pretty much humming along as usual, and that I'd be able to post pictures within a few hours of taking them.


Scarlett has become "accustomed to the cast". Or, as we say around here, hell on hardwood. It takes approximately half a second to scoot across the width of the house to grab whatever shiny object caught her eye. Also, naps are in an uproar, and she wants to subsist on crackers, cookies, and air. And cake. Developmentally, she's right on track. To turn 2.

Anyway, Kate and Jason closed on their new house last Friday, making them the owners of a pied a terre in the city, and a rolling estate in the country. Obviously, the proper way to celebrate was with pizza and red ale.

Oh, I'm sorry. She eats pizza as well.

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Stephanie said...

He's totally copping a feel in that next to last picture. LOVE IT. And you are gorgeous Libby!