Monday, July 30, 2007

Hey! I made my own blog.

Jet lag is tough. Thank Goodness for shoulders.

I've decided I'd like to upgrade to the king sized bed. You all can sleep in the pack-n-play.

Do not remove the binky. I repeat, do not remove the binky.

It's ok if dad does, though.

Can you spot the relatives?

More pictures to follow - our camera is not making me happy. It died about halfway through the reception, and is now not easily giving up it's contents. Perhaps I'll have to get the Nikon D40.

Kevin's mom was married on Saturday, and it was a lovely affair. Lots of little tots running around, and at least one case of underage drinking. Waaaaaaaay underage. Apparently there were TWO bowls of punch, and someone gave Charlie the wrong one. That was one dancin' 2 year old. Hope he slept it off!


Gail said...

Go with the Canon Rebel XTi instead ;)

wendy said...

Even juicier, get the Canon 30D! Mmmm...