Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wha' Happened?

Considering there was "nothing going on" this weekend, the collective members of this house certainly are exhausted.

Ketch, like his father, doesn't smile for the camera. Also, like his father, he has a rather high opinion of himself.

Alice went to the local pug meet up. I know. It's odd. But funny, and because it leaves her comatose the rest of the day, totally worth the mild embarrassment of telling your friends you are "going to the pug meet up".

Today, Scarlett went to visit her future BFF, Sophie. When the girls grow up, Jennie and I will tell them we met in church. Or volunteering at a soup kitchen.

And finally, Alice was just too tired to keep up chewing her bone. But damned if someone else was going to get it.

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