Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Someday, she'll love the salsa as much as the rest of us.

Anne, in case you are curious, this is what you would look like with twins.

Lunch at Cactus Pear with Anne, Wendy, Ellery [other baby], Kate and Ketch. [not pictured. But in his defence, Ketch slept through lunch.]

Also, Anne does a little sympathy teething with Scarlett.

After lunch I ended up sitting next to Wendy at Studio Blue, getting our frumpy mom looks updated. I threatened to take a picture of her with color on her head, and post it, but considering the foil that was covering my own head, AND the fact that Wendy has a much better camera than me, AND a larger blog reader base, I thought better of it.


Amy Hulina said...

My first visit to your web page. Have you had a lot of hits?

Shawna said...

Cut the shit! She named her baby Ellery? I love it!