Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The camera is in my bag in the kitchen.

Which explains why there are no pictures of what is going on right now. I had to write a VERY IMPORTANT EMAIL [so there is no squawking about why my kid is in the exersaucer when I'm on the computer - you know, instead of having one on one Spanish lessons, or teaching her how to knit, or just gazing lovingly into her eyes.] but anyway, I put her in her saucer, filled her little snack cup with Gerber puffs, and sat down at the computer.

Some of the little cereal puffs have fallen through the seat and are in the bottom of the saucer. The reason I know this is because I'm watching my dog circle the toy. Slowly. Eyes glued to Scarlett's feet.

Every time the little pug head goes in for the kill, Scarlett starts bouncing. And Alice jumps back. And circles some more. It's like poking a great white in the eye.

Circle. Approach. Bounce. Retreat.

It's killing me. Of course, it's killing Alice more. She can see the puff. She wants the puff. And she cannot. get. the. puff.

What's going to happen is as inevitable as the sunrise. Any second, Scarlett is going to bounce onto the puff, and it's going to disintegrate. Puff dust.

Forgive me, but I sort of can't wait.


wendy said...

Video please!

campbell said...

video, woman, video!