Thursday, August 23, 2007

I have pictures. I just don't think you really want to see them.

I'm back. An ounce and a half lighter.

48 hours ago I was feeding my daughter lunch and complaining that I didn't feel very well. My stomach hurt. I was gassy. I was icky. Waaaah. Poor me.

6pm Tuesday: Kevin brings me home Gas-X and Beano. Tell me he is owed big time for having to go to the store and buy Gas-X and Beano.

6:30pm: First call to Dr. Lippert. He suggests milk of magnesia. We all still think it's intestinal.

8ish: Low grade fever and severe pain is now localized in lower right quadrant. Second call to Dr. Lippert. Off to the ER. Can you see where this is going?

9ish: In ER. Trying to get pain meds without sounding like a junkie.

10ish: Next person to push on my stomach and ask "Does that hurt?" is going to lose an arm.

10:10pm : Angel in scrubs finally gets an IV started and gives me morphine. Am planning on leaving Kevin for her.

11:45pm CAT Scan. Cheaper than a Dog Scan. Suspicions confirmed. Angry little appendix.

12:45am: Off to surgery. Incredibly nervous, and partially stoned on morphine, I start cracking inappropriate jokes. No one in the operating room laughs. At least not while I'm awake.

2am : In recovery. You'll have to ask Kevin about this, the next thing I know it's...

6:05am: In hospital room. In incredible pain and informed that I can't have anything else until...

7:05am: Aaaaaaahhhhhhh.....

1pm: Dr. comes and checks me out and releases me. Tells me not to pick up anything over 10 pounds for 3 weeks. I laugh. Sure. I will try to not pick up my non-mobile 18 pound ten month old when she cries and holds up her arms. Right.

Released, sans appendix, yesterday at 2pm. Feeling like George Foreman. After Holyfield, before the grill.

As for the pictures, they did indeed take some snaps for me with the laproscopic camera. I have quite a nice looking lower intestinal track, if I do say so myself. I'm thinking of having copies made, and handing them out with Scarlett's one year pictures.

I would love to have had the actual appendix, but unfortunately, that's off to pathology. Those pathologists get all the fun stuff.


Grandma Marcy said...

Libby - you are the only one I know who can make an emergency appendectomy sound hilarious! I am so sorry you had to go through that. I fully understand about wanted to behead the next person who asks, "Does this hurt?" I am glad all went ok and that they got it before your appendix burst.

Sounds like it is time to train Alice to change Scarlett's diaper and carry her up and down the stairs. Or maybe it is time for "Big Scarlett" or whatever her nickname is now.

I remember my doctor telling me the only way to get better with a back problem was to lie flat on my back for two weeks not even getting up to go to the bathroom. Then, since he knew I had two toddler boys, he laughed hysterically.

Keep taking the drugs and ask for help.

I can come back there and take care of Scarlett and you if that would help! Let me know!

Grandma Marcy or whatever my name is.

marilissa said...

Awesome blog today!you must be stoned while typing. please update with photo of scar or at least the bandage.