Thursday, August 2, 2007

I guess it's good to cover them while barbequeing.

So, it's national Breast Feeding week. If you are reading my journal, then there's a good chance you didn't know that. Because you are more interested in things like where the heck Lindsay Lohan's alcohol anklet was that night, and how on earth you'll get out to Steve and Barry's this afternoon to meet SJP, who is promoting her new low cost clothing line "Bitten", and giving autographs, even though your precious pumpkin is supposed to be sleeping...

But regardless. It is.

And New York Mayor Michael Bloomburg [who apparently can lactate, or he would feel pretty silly weighing in on this] has announced that New York public hospitals will no longer be supplying free samples of formula in the area's famed Swag Bags. Instead, new moms will be sent home with literature, and a tiny tee that reads "I Eat At Mom's."

I'm going to completely avoid any and all debate on this hot topic. Because everyone I know, including those like myself who bottle fed, agrees that Breast is Best, but that sometimes it doesn't work out that way, and you can't beat yourself up about it. Blah blah blah.

But I am, however, intrigued by that tiny t-shirt. It is, how should I put this to not sound immature, ICKY. Gross. Oedipal even. Blech. I'm all for funny onsies - for crying out loud, my kid looks like a communist half the time - but seriously. It's like every bad 7th grade boobie joke.

So I sort of found myself googling "I eat at mom's", and was directed to cafe press and their large selection of breastfeeding advocacy gear. OK, I get the tee's, and the buttons, and I can even sort of justify the baseball cap. But there was one item that sort of confused me.

Hmm. Most of the women I know who breastfeed usually wear a shirt while standing at the grill, but I guess if you have a really hungry demanding baby, it might be best to be mostly topless.

Earlier today I was standing at the Target Electronics counter playing around with the Olympus [anyone? anyone?] something letter number something, and a woman came up to me and told me that Scarlett was simply beautiful, and how lucky I was to get to see her every day. Which made me want to either give the woman 300 dollars, or SPEND IT ON A CAMERA THAT MY COMPUTER WILL RECOGNIZE.

Anyone know why my computer stopped reading the photos on my camera? I can only drag them one at a time while using it as "removable drive E". I'm ready to rip my hair out. It takes 4 times as long.

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wendy said...

What I have learned here is that clearly you cannot be a breastfeeding advocate and have good design sense. Yikes.

BTW, I always BBQ and breastfeed. Breast is best, only second to quality grill marks.