Friday, November 16, 2007

Alice Frank, Mensa Member.

A few people have commented on Alice's video - not only here on the blog, but verbally, aloud, to me directly. They seem to think that Alice is some sort of super genius.

Let me remind you that this "super genius" turned up with a sticky head day after day last holiday season, and lo, it confused us, verily, until we realized she was drinking out of the Christmas tree stand, and getting sap on the top of her head.

So no. She will not be rescuing Timmy from the well anytime soon. She can't even save Scarlett from the pack-n-play.

That miracle of modern film making was created thanks to one thing. My dog's love of Smart Pop. And who doesn't love it? One point, people.

Wave a piece over her head, and she follows it. See how that worked?

Anyway, she is a very good dog, and even though she's not a hit on Youtube or Yahoo, she does add great things to our house. And a few smelly things. And pug hair. Let's not forget the pug hair.

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