Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Salon.

I can't say I'm too sure about this.

Alls well that ends well. As long as your best friend likes your new haircut, than everything is just fine.


marilissa said...

love love love it! i was a little nervous after seeing her face in the first photo. she looked a little nervous but the last picture with alice is adorable. great haircut!

emily said...

I know it was traumatic for mommy and baby, but she looks adorable!

scarlett theodore said...

she's so cute!
i love her 'miss innocent' face in the 1st pic x

campbell said...

NO tears at all? Such a good girl. I love the last pic too. They are BFF for sure!!!

Grandma Marcy said...

I just love her new haircut!!! The last picture is so precious. They both look too innocent to act like the Melendez Brothers -- but then Scarlett is not a teenager yet.

I will try to find Kevin's first haircut picture. He is at a barber's so there is the noise of the clippers, but he is screaming!!!! Kevin will love having that one passed around!